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is the inspiration of Corrado Palmieri, a Southern Italian from Galatina in the province of Lecce (the "Florence of the South" and capital of Italian baroque architecture), a strip of land on the heel of the boot named Salento. He moved from Italy to develop an Italian Coffee Shop & Bakery without compromises: Fresh, Authentic & Natural. We make EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH: our coffee, pastries and gelato. All in full harmony with the Slow Food philosophy 

Our shop opened on Saturday, March 26, 2016, at about 11:00 am. It took us almost 3 full years to reach this point. Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate with us. We could have never imagined to see so many people and feel so much warmth. All your energy to pursue our mission around you, us! Thank you! 

Our logo. It represents a moment of freedom, of joy. That moment that one can feel for example while dancing or, simply, while laughing with a friend, or eating a great pastry, or drinking a very good coffee, and so on. The "pizzica" is a popular dance in Salento danced by a ballerina with a veil while tambourines are played. Our logo is to remind us our roots and what we are trying to accomplish: the hope and the ambition to deliver a moment of freedom, of joy



(214) 684–9932


At The Market: 

920 S. Harwood St., Ste 100

Dallas, TX 75201


Mo–Su: 7:00am-6:00pm